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Top 10 Best Quality Ethernet Cables in 2021

Ethernet cables are one of the popular network cables that are used to connect various devices which are located on local area networks (LANs), like routers, switches & PCs. 

We have listed the 10 best Ethernet cables such as Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6a etc. in the market that best suits your project. But, first, you have to ensure that you know all the details about different types of Ethernet cables.

So, we have mentioned all the details here:

Cat5e RJ45 Booted Ethernet Cable

  • Each Cat5e Cable has 4 colour coded pairs with length up to 30m. 
  • It has guaranteed performance of 125MHz.
  • Cat5e Ethernet cable gives superior cable flexibility from their stranded cores.
  • Flame Retardancy of Cat5e cable is verified as per IEC 60332-1-2.
  • Connector: 8P8C, RJ45, 50-inch gold plating.

Cat6 RJ45 Booted Ethernet Cable

  • It has a guaranteed performance to 250Mhz
  • RoHS Compliant
  • It gives better transmission due to its unique design of PE cross which reduces the NEXT & RL.
  • IEC 60332-1-2 verified flame retardancy.
  • To ensure maximum performance, the boot maintains the correct bend radius.

Cat6a SSTP LSOH Booted Ethernet Cable

  • Guaranteed performance to 500Mhz.
  • This cable is suitable for 10GBase-T, 10 Gigabit, Ethernet applications.
  • Each pair is covered with an individual foil screen
  • With Cat6a cable, you have choices of length & colour.
  • It consists of a blade-style moulded strain relief boot with clip protectors.

Cat5e RJ45 Shielded Ethernet Cable

  • Cat5e is cost-effective.
  • It has a low smoke cable that is free from halogen.
  • Cat5e is suitable for the Gigabit application of Ethernet.
  • It comes in various colours which help you to colour code your network.
  • It is suitable for any project because it comes in various lengths.

PatchSee Cat5e RJ45 Ethernet Cable

  • PatchSee Cat5e comes in various length ranges between 2 feet up to 16 feet for patch panel & terminal link.
  • It is available in a crosspatch panel.
  • A unique serial number is marked on the cable.
  • All patch cords are tested individually.
  • A colour cable of black with white marking.
  • A colour boot of grey with white marking.
  • It has 16 movable colour clips.

Cat5e RJ45 LSOH Ethernet Cable

  • To suit any project, it comes in various lengths.
  • Helpful for colour code your network because it comes in multiple colours.
  • It is cost-effective
  • Cat5e RJ45 LSOH Ethernet Cable consists of low smoke halogen-free cable.
  • Its boots have strain relief capacity.

Cat6 RJ45 SFTP Shielded Ethernet Cable

  • It comes in double shielding. So, it is a suitable ideal for use where electrical interference is a problem.
  • Cat6 RJ45 SFTP shielded Ethernet Cable is cost-effective.
  • This cable is suitable for Gigabit Ethernet application
  • It also has strain relief boots.

Excel Cat6A Unscreened U/UTP LSOH Booted Ethernet Cable

  • Performance to 500MHz.
  • It comes with 25 years of system warranty.
  • LSOH is available in multiple colours like grey, yellow, green, blue & red.
  • It consists of low smoke zero halogen outer sheath.
  • Fit for 10BASE-T, 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications.

Cat5e RJ45 Flat Ethernet Cable

  • To fit any project, it comes in multiple lengths & three colours i.e, black, grey & blue.
  • Cat5e RJ45 Flat Ethernet cable is cost-effective.
  • Fit for Gigabit Ethernet application.
  • It has a low smoke halogen-free cable.

PatchSee Cat6 RJ45 Ethernet Cable

  • For the first level of identification, it is compatible with colour coded PatchClips.
  • Length & the part number is printed on the boot.
  • It has a black sheath.
  • Grey boot is used to distinguish it from the black booted 5e patch cords category.


So, here is a brief description of the 10 best Ethernet cables of 2021. Now, it’s time to buy an Ethernet cable as per your requirement. If you want any further detail about Ethernet cable or want to buy it, visit at Fruity Cables Ltd. We can also help with cable installations, product sourcing, quote beater, and same day deliveries.


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