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How to Identify Single Mode Fibre Optic Cables

In the last few years, it has become obvious that fibre-optics are firmly substituting copper wire as a suitable way of communication signal transmission. They traverse large distances among local phone methods as well as it becomes the backbone for various network systems. Various system users like electric utility companies, university campuses, office buildings, industrial plants, and cable television services are now using optical fibre cables in their premises. 

In every communication project that we sell, fibre optic cables & connectors are present.

Core Diameter & Distance Travelled

All the fibre optic cables have a core that carries light to send data from origin to destination. Single-mode cable has a smaller core diameter due to which reflection while the light transmission is less & lowers the attenuation. Consequently, the signal covers a longer distance strongly. 

Light Source

Laser light is used in a single mode fibre optic cable to transmit data from source to endpoint because the laser light is very thin & coherent.

Colour Code

For identification purposes, each optical fibre will be coded with various colours. While picking between different cables, it is pretty easy to recognise them with their colours. The yellow colour is used for single-mode optic fibre. 

Cost & Application Difference

Single-mode fibre is costly because it uses laser diodes as optical transceivers (transmitter & receiver). Because of this, single-mode optical fibre cable is commonly used over wide areas like a large university campus.

Type Of Cable

Types of single-mode fibre optic cables are mentioned here:

  • Standard single-mode fibre (G.652)
  • Low water peak fibre (G.652)
  • Dispersion Shifted Fibre (G.653)
  • Cut Off Shifted fibre (G.654)
  • Non-zero dispersion shifted fibre (G.655)
  • Bend-insensitive fibre (G.657)


From the above information, it can assume that a single-mode optical fibre cabling system is ideal for long-distance data transmission applications. Also, it is hugely deployed in MANs, PONs & carrier networks. Choose from a broad collection of excellent quality Single mode fibre cables – available online at Fruity Cables Ltd. – the UK’s leading cabling supplier workshop


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