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5 Advantages of Fibre Optics Over Copper Cables

Fibre optic cables are comparatively new technology. So, many people may not know the various advantages offered by these cables. 

Here, we have listed few advantages of fibre optic cables over copper wire cable:

Greater Speed

Fibre optic cables use the speed of light to transmit data from source to destination. Therefore, data transmission in optical fibre cable is much faster as compared to copper wire cables.

The range of fibre optic internet connections varies from 5Mbps to 100Gbps. Also, the uploading & downloading speeds are the same in fibre optic cables.

Large Bandwidth

Copper wire cables offer a bandwidth of 10 Gbps. On another side, the optical fibre cables have a much larger bandwidth which is about 60 Tbps. In addition, there is no need to worry about internet speeds, even at high demands in an optical fibre cable. 

It offers an uninterrupted speed for various business tasks having heavy bandwidth demands like :

  • Web Conferencing
  • Cloud Application
  • File Sharing

Excellent Signal Strength & Low Attenuation

In copper cable, when the users move away from the central switch, the internet signal degrades. But, fibre optic cables have a very low attenuation. 

Repeaters in single-mode fibre optic cables need to be added every 50 km or so on. On another side, repeaters need to be added at every 5 km in copper wire.

Lightweight & Longer Life Cycle

Optical fibre cables are much thinner in size & lighter in weight than copper wire cables. The weight of fibre optic cable is four pounds per 1000 feet, whereas the weight of copper wire is 39 pounds per 1000 feet. 

Minimal Effect Of External Factors

In fibre optic cables are not affected by any potential electromagnetic interferences due to the close proximity of heavy machinery. Also, it is not prone to changes due to power failures & fluctuations due to change in weather.


Therefore, these are some advantages of optical fibre cables. In the long run, fibre optic will replace copper wires due to its enormous advantages with a few disadvantages. As per the need of the hour, if you are looking to install a new cable or want to replace your old copper wire, then optical fibre cables are the best option for you.


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