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The Fibre Choice : Cat 6 vs Optical Fibre

Making a perfect choice is always necessary while deciding what network cable would be the best suit for your work environment. You sometimes look towards your friends for advice or struggle in long, confusing discussions to get what you want. You always have the confusion about how helpful were the ideas and whether you were informed correctly or not. Here you can read all about the difference between Cat 6 network cables and Optical Fibre. So, your next decision would be wise and most suitable for your work.

Reason to install Cat 6 Cabling

This 6th generation cabling made from four sets of copper wires, twisted in pairs is commonly known as Cat 6 cables. Ruling over its previous generation cabling, this has upper hand over connecting to multiple networks and capable of providing 1 Gbps of speed over the Ethernet. These are many people’s preference for VoIP. 

Also, we can deduce a few failures of this category cabling. The issue of the connectivity length being as short as 55-100 metres is the major one. At long distances, it tends to lose its efficiency. Its efficient design also leads to another issue. The bulky structure leads to the difficulty of connecting with 8P8C connectors when the client doesn’t have the same kind of connector and hence many times there arise issues related to faulty connections.

Reason to install Optical Fibre

Optical Fibre or Fibre optic cable is on another level of distinction than Cat 6 cable. The technology used transfers data in the light form, which is obviously the cleanest way to transfer data. The involvement of light itself glorifies the fact that the transfer rate is unbelievably fast and the data transfer is immune to electrical interference. It has come up being a costly but efficient method of transferring data to large distances without the use of repeaters of any kind.

Which One To Choose?

For the time being, Cat 6 shows itself efficient for long duration. While we can call Optical Fibre the future phase of networking, as the requirement for high data demands are rising, they are the best to deal with such situations. Cat 6 should be your choice when you have to deal with internal linking of the networks, as it keeps data more secure and the flow of data remains efficient. On the other hand, you can choose the fibre optic cable network when there is going to be high data usage over the network.


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