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5 Reasons To Choose Fibre Optic Cable

As our world becomes more greedy for higher bandwidth and less cost, the top recommendation is to select fibre optic cable. It can also be a choice when planning a new cable installation & thinking about updating the existing network. There are few benefits of fibre optic cable that you should know about before taking any decision.

5 Reasons To Choose Fibre Optic Cable

Higher Bandwidth

Fibre offers higher bandwidth & has standard performance that ranges from 10Gbps to up to 100 Gbps. More bandwidth means fibre optic can take more data with greater accuracy compared to metal wire. Single-mode fibre provides the most significant bandwidth compared to other cables.

Faster Data Transmission

Faster data transmission is the foremost benefit of any fibre optic cable. The ability to transmit data at the fastest possible speed boost productivity & business, so fibre-optic makes it possible by sending data at 68 to 70% of the light’s velocity.


Fibre optic cable is expensive in the short-run, but it is less costly in the long term as it costs less to maintain & requires less networking hardware. Besides, advancements in technology have reduced the installation cost of fibre, making it cost-saving in the short term.

Reliable & Durable

Fibre offers exceptionally reliable data transmission. It is entirely immune to electromagnetic interference, environmental factors, radio-frequency interference & more. It can be submerged in water & less susceptible to temperature fluctuations. Also, fibre can run next to industrial equipment without any worry. Simultaneously, fibre can resist breakage & turn makes it more durable than metal wire.

Less Signal Loss & Longer Distance

One of the most notable challenges for any network cable is to manage signal degradation over longer distances. So, single-mode optical fibre cables can travel a 25-mile distance in perfect conditions with a significantly less signal loss.  

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