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Why Fibre Optic Cable Used Instead Of Copper Networking Cable

Planning to install a new or upgrade the existing network cable? Have some confusion between optical fibre cabling & copper cabling? We are here to tell you about some major benefits of optical fibre cable over copper cable.

Because of the cost-effectiveness of copper cabling, it is already deployed in many places. However, due to the dramatic reduction in the optical fibre’s cost, it is truly much more advantageous over copper cabling.

Faster Speed

In fibre optic cables, light is used to transmit data from one place to another. Therefore, it enables optical fibre cable to carry signals that are only about 31% slower than the speed of the light. Moreover, with fibre cables, there is less signal deterioration.

Greater Bandwidth

Copper cables have limited bandwidth compared to optical fibre cable as it was originally designed to transmit voice. Optical fibre cable gives more bandwidth for transmitting more data in comparison to the copper network cable. Also, among fibre cable families, single-mode fibre gives twice the throughput as compared to the multimode optical fibre network cable.

Longer Distances

In the case of copper network cabling, the signals can travel typically up to a 328-foot distance. However, this limitation does not apply to optical fibre cables because of their capacity to travel a longer distance in comparison to copper cabling. For instance, some 10Gpbs single-mode cables can carry signals about 25 miles. The actual distance coverage depends on the wavelength, the network & the cable type. 

Thinner & Sturdier

Fibre optic cable is thinner & lighter in weight as compared to copper cabling. Also, fibre can resist more pull & pressure than copper that makes it less prone to damage.  

Less Total Cost Of Ownership

Although mostly the initial cost of fibre optic is higher than copper network cabling, the durability & reliability it offers, make the total cost of ownership (TCO) lower. Moreover, due to the advancement in technology, costs continue to decrease.


The correct medium for your network truly relies upon needs. However, if you have a significant data transmission need, an adaptable framework will pay for itself.  As we’ve seen, fibre optic cabling considers more prominent ROI through its quicker paces, expanded sturdiness, and cleaner signaling. Copper networks have their applications and less initial cost. A blended approach, with an eye toward future development, will suit you well.


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